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Last update: 15 March 2019

How to start with the Controlled motor board

Default Alias: controlled_moto

Type: Controlled motor

Number of module(s): 1


Controlled motor



How to connect your motor-reducer to your boards

The Controlled motor board is designed to control motors with a reducer and a sensor. It provides PH connector with 6 pins, where the motor can be plugged.

PH connector pinout.

This board accepts supply voltage from 7V to 24V.

To control regular DC motors (without reduction neither sensor), please refer to DC motor board’s documentation.

Warning: The USB board provides too weak power to drive a motor-reducer with this board. A power board such as Battery board or Power plug board shall be used.

This board is able to control DC motors with a reduction and a sensor (usually called motor-reducer or speed-reducer).

The Controlled motor board provides a PID control on the output position, and PID control on the output speed, taking into account the reducer and the encoder.

You can find basic information about PID control here: An introduction to PID control with DC motor and a example code to tune your PID on the Controlled motor module page of this documentation.

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