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Last update: 15 March 2019

Introduction to the DynamixelMotor module type

The DynamixelMotor module allows to control Dynamixel motors.

The DynamixelMotor module type has access to all common capabilities.


Function name and parameters Action Comment
set_id(self, id) Changes motor ID This new Id will be saved by the Dynamixel motor. You have to detect motors again to make it work after this change.
detect(self) Launches a motor detection You have to run a luos detection to include or exclude new motors.
register(self, register, val) Sets a Dynamixel register value. This register only manage word size register. Use it only if you know what you do.
control(self) Displays module type graphical interface Only available using Jupyter notebook


Variable name Action Type
compliant - True: disables the motor power, you can use it to move the motor by hand.
- False: Enables the motor power.
read / write: Boolean (True or False)
target_position Sets the target rotation position to reach in °. read / write: Float
moving_speed Sets the target rotation speed to reach in °/s. read / write: Float
wheel_mode Enables or disables wheel mode on motor read / write: Boolean (True or False)
position Measured position of the motor in °. read / write: Float
temperature Measured temperature of the motor in °C. read / write: Float

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